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Center For Discovery is a preferred provider with most major insurance companies. By submitting your insurance information our team of experienced insurance verification specialists will confirm not only if the level of care you are seeking is covered by your policy but also determine what, if any, out of pocket cost you would incur.

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Eating Disorder Treatment Insurance Coverage

Eating disorders affect 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States and carry the highest mortality rate out of all mental health disorders. The most well known eating disorders in the The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual (DSM-V) are anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder (most common eating disorder) and bulimia nervosa. The two other disorders in the DSM-V are known as avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) and Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder (OSFED). Eating disorders are characterized by unhealthy behaviors related to food, weight and body shape and generally consist of binging, self-induced vomiting, diuretic and laxative abuse and excessive exercise; however the underlying triggers are not related to food but rather psychosocial factors such as past abuse or trauma, low-self esteem, bullying, poor parental relationships, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse, non-suicidal self-injury disorder (NSSI), a perfectionistic personality, difficulty communicating negative emotions, and difficulty resolving conflict. Eating disorder treatment – Woodland Hiils, CA Eating disorders on average last approximately eight years and carry a high stigma resulting in less number of individuals seeking treatment. Studies have shown that only one in ten individuals will receive treatment for their eating disorder and many believe these statistics are due to the stigma associated with eating disorders, the high cost of treatment, the lack of insurance coverage and the decreasing government and subsidized funds available for eating disorder treatment. A thorough assessment by a multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians and therapists is required in order to assess the level of care needed and whether insurance will cover this specific level of care. The levels of care for eating disorder treatment in Alexandria, VA covered by insurance include acute inpatient treatment, residential eating disorder treatment, partial hospital eating disorder treatment and intensive outpatient eating disorder treatment. Most insurance companies require the following elements for all levels of care:
  • A thorough individualized treatment plan written within 24 hours of admission.
  • Discharge planning that begins at the time of admission, which includes timely aftercare appointments with at least one appointment within seven days of discharge, and prescriptions for any necessary medications to bridge the gap between discharge and the first follow appointment.
  • Family therapy is relevant to the treatment plan and will occur as frequently as needed to achieve the treatment goals, but no less than once weekly, unless clinically contraindicated, and should be on a face-to-face basis.